What to Bring on an Airplane

A carry-on will have all the items you need for your trip, but what about the other “personal item” you bring on the plane?  It’s not just for your computer or e-reader. There are some things you’ll want to have on hand to make the journey go smoothly.

If you’re lucky enough to fly in Business Class or above, they’ll provide all the extras that used to come standard with flying. For the rest of us flying out there, a little bit of preparation can help mimic some of the premium-class comforts.  Here’s how to create your own airplane survival bag with beauty essentials, flight comforts, entertainment options, and all the other flying necessities.

>>> Comfort
Travel survival kit – iPod, earplugs, water spritzer, moisturizer and lip balm as the air inside planes gets exceedingly dry, espcially on longer international filghts.

>>> Beauty
You want to look fresh when you arrive, but its not necessary to bring your entire makeup bag. That gets heavy. Just bring the basics – tinted moisturizer, lip balm and mascara. If you’re flying coach for an international flight a travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste are a great idea to freshen up before landing.

>>> Entertainment
International flights usually provide you with some sort of entertainment, but longer domestic flights may not. An iPad, laptop, eReader or iPod is a great place to start. For those times when you run out of battery or just aren’t allowed to pull out your electronics an old fashioned book or magazine is a great alternative.

>>> Necessities
Remember to carry your passport with you, don’t pack them away in checked luggage. (In addition, keep a copy of the front page of your passport in a separate location, in case it is lost or stolen. Having this information makes replacing it at an overseas embassy a more simple and timesaving process.)

Some light snacks in case your flight is delayed and it may be a while before the airline gets around to providing food for you. We also recommend bringing along a refillable water bottle which you can fill up after going through security and carry with you in the airport.

Our recommendation is to only bring the bare minimum of what you need. You’ll be dragging your carryon bag with you and there’s no need to weight it down with unnecessary items.

If you have suggestions for items to add to this list, please email us at [email protected]!

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